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Second Language

Second Language

I am a tenant
in this glorious palace,
running through rooms and hallways
someone else has decorated,
sleeping in a bed
as if it’s my own,
my dusty boots lying on the floor.

I try to earn my keep
so I spruce up a bit,
only take small sips
from the wine in the cellar
–or did I buy it?
I can’t remember
what’s mine and
what I have found here.

I feel quite welcome
but I keep
a suitcase ready,
ust in case.
Once in a while,
I nail one of my own portraits
On a burnished wall.



Originally published in Transnational Literature

Natasha Garrett AuthorContributorShop manager
Natasha Garrett writes poetry and personal essays, and occasionally translates. Originally from Macedonia, she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and works at La Roche College. Her work has been published in Mothers Always Write, Transnational Literature, Arts and Letters and Christian Century. Her book Motherlands was released in 2018.
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